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Rubber recycling situation
 New Zealand and Australia s record for recycling end-of-life tyres is poor. In comparison with other OECD nations, Australasians dispose more than 70% of tyres into landfill. This is not a sustainable solution and imposes environmental problems on both current and future generations. To improve our recovery statistics and catch up to our OECD peers, we need public-private sector co-operation to invest in capital equipment. The major areas requiring development are Energy Recovery, Materials and Civil Engineering uses.

New Zealand accumulates around 4 million end-of-life tyres each year. Less than 15% are recovered with the remainder sent to landfill. With the government allocating billions of dollars to infrastructure development, the Department of Transport can develop road criteria to include rubberised aspalt surfaces similar to the US to alleviate end-of-life tyres landfill waste.

Australia accumulates around 23 million end-of-life tyres each year with 23% re-used as a tyre-derived product.

The United States recycles 87% of their end-of-life tyres. Their rubber is mainly used for energy, with the remainder processed into rubber crumb for infrastructure, industrial raw material and sports fields. Just 13% are sent to landfill and declining. The EU, Canada and Japan recover more than 80% of end-of-life tyres.

Source: URS & World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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