RVTECH was established in 2001 by Mr. Ma, first distributor of green rubber recycling system in China, and also rubber technicians of the tire and rubber industry worldwide.
As a specialized rubber recycling supplier in China, RVtech had the largest rubber testing library and also the inspection equipments, which can ensure all the sample testing requirement from our worldwide customers. And all the exported products had pass RoHS and PAHs.
Rvtech provides variously kinds of rubber reclaiming agent for cured rubber, rubber scraps as well as scorched rubbers including NR, BR, SBR, NBR, CR, and IIR...est. . The technique is environment friendly, and whole process was under normal temperature and pressure...
Our machinery selection is suitable for all sizes and types of tire production, tire retreading, tire recycling, flooring and covering, conveyor belts, rubber mats manufacturing and other technical rubber goods.
In addition to rubber chemicals and machinery supplier, we specialize in the following:
Technical and technological support, rubber recycling turkey projects, plant relocations...
Our mission is to provide comprehensive pollutions for the rubber industry:
 Rubber recycling chemicals
 Rubber processing and recycling machinery
 Rubber recycling and process technology